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Welcome to my world



I live on a farm in Barrington, Knysna, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa, with my husband, Alistair.  We have cattle – beautiful Bonsmara, three horses - Black Magic, Skye and Buccaneer, three chickens – Bella, Lizzie and Vicky, and two Neapolitan’s – Carita and Leonardo. Alistair and I also have a boat and we go out onto the Knysna Lagoon with it on a regular basis, weather permitting.

I have just lately become interested in Astronomy.


I have always been interested in art – doing sketches and watercolours as a child.  Alistair and I used to live in Johannesburg and whilst living there I attended an art school for approximately 6 months where I studied to better understand perspective in my art work, other than that I have had no formal training and am basically self taught.  I enjoy doing oil paintings of animals, ships, flowers and various other things that interest me.  I love animals and as a result my best work is of animals.

I also enjoy doing wood carving and have done a bit of experimenting with Obeche wood which is very soft.

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